Sunday 6 May 2012

My first guest blog and more

Here's me hamming up the merits of The Tube Riders on my first ever guest blog, on the very pretty website Bookingly Yours, run by a very friendly lady called Jenai.

This was my first attempt at a guest blog and so I went for the "shock" value, being outrageous enough to diss The Hunger Games (which looks like a pretty good movie actually) for not having any swearing (I haven't read it but I did Google it to check, and apparently there are a couple of uses of "damn" but that's all), and including a picture of me wearing a stupid hat.

I'm not sure if it'll work but as I haven't sold a book in the last week I guess it couldn't exactly harm my sales unless I grab a pick and start digging a tunnel.

Going back to The Hunger Games, last week I watched Battle Royale, a movie which many people (not me as I haven't seen them both) claim was ripped off by The Hunger Games.  Some kind soul had uploaded to Youtube, and although I haven't seen it in about ten years it was still a very good movie.  When it comes to shock movies the Asians do it best, it seems.  Over the weekend I also watched an American movie called The Univited which was a a teeny horror flick with an impressive ending.  I found out later it was a remake of an Korean horror, A Tale of Two Sisters, which I've noticed in my local video shop on a number of occasions but never got around to watching.  From past experience I know that the originals are usually the best, so I just wish I'd watched it first.  Still, The Univited was surprisingly good.

On other things, that hat in the picture from my guest blog is from when the wife and I went to Universal Studios Japan in Osaka, back in January.  A nice day out, but not nearly as good as Tokyo Disneysea.  Here's another picture from the same day, of me with a bush-shaped Hello Kitty.

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