Monday 18 June 2012

My latest marketing attempt - Tube Riders in three parts

It was on my original list of marketing possibilities, but I've finally got around to trying it.  Tube Riders is now available in three parts, London, Bristol, and Cornwall.  You can see the covers below.  I used the same photograph and just changed the colour tint.  Its not the best, I know, but I did it with the express purpose of giving away part one for free.  I did that last week, and got some 330 downloads.  I've since sold six copies of the books, two of each version.  It's not much, but its a start.

Did I like doing this?  Not really.  In some senses I feel it's cheating the reader, because, while the novel does split neatly into three parts, they are part of the same novel.  However, there are dozens of indies out there who claim to have a 'trilogy' when each novel is barely the same length of one of these parts.  I wrote Tube Riders with an eye on getting professionally published, not as a marketing ploy.  However, I'm making almost no sales and I'm getting almost no exposure, when far, far worse writers are making a living.  I'm no Dickens but just from what I've read of other indies I'd say with all modesty I'm easily in the top 10%.  I glanced at a Look Inside section of a novel of a guy constantly whining on the KDP forums about not making any sales, and he had a simple spelling error in his first sentence.  I mean, come on.

I don't want to cheat anyone, and I want to offer the best product that I can.  But I really want Tube Riders (and my other novels) to sell, because, compared to so much of the other self-published stuff I've seen, they deserve to.


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