Saturday 1 September 2012

South Korea - Part Two

Been meaning to add a few more pics of our trip to South Korea in July but haven't had a chance to get around to it.  Finally, here they are.

An extremely large ice-cream.

Some street characters in downtown Seoul.

The best t-shirt ever made.  Ever.

Very happy, having just captured lunch.

The war museum in Seoul.  I hate war, but it fascinates me.

These flags are for all the members of the current United Nations.

A B-52 bomber.  Look at the size of that thing, built purely for killing as many people as possible.  Is there really not a better way to be spending money?

Another field of war machines outside the war museum.

Large kimchi pots, and um, a traffic light outside our hotel.  Protected by the very friendly hotel dog.

A pretty little cafe in downtown Seoul.  I thought the city was pretty nice for the most part, particularly in the shopping areas.

Some rather "delicious" soup near our hotel.  Unfortunately we didn't have time ...!

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