Monday 17 December 2012

The Tube Riders - Free promo 20th Dec - 22nd Dec

Tube Riders news

Back in October I issued The Tube Riders as a Kindle free promo on Amazon, shifting just over 4300 copies and taking it as high as No.1 in free sci-fi, No.2 in free fantasy, and No.76 overall.  If you missed out last time you have another opportunity to grab a free copy of this future masterpiece.

Read it, enjoy it, and if you like it tell your friends.  The sequel, The Tube Riders : Exile, is a little over half finished and  I'm currently shooting for a summer 2013 release.  I could push it through quicker but I don't like to rush these things.  Part three, and so far what I'm considering the final part, The Tube Riders : Revenge, will be a sci-fi epic on a scale you've not seen before.  Trust me.  It's already part drafted and it's just monstrous.

I'm not planning to extend the series beyond three volumes for the simple reason that there is other stuff I want to write, and I'm not one of these writers who strings a series out just to get readers to part with their money.  There will be three books, all will be long, all will be non-stop action.


It's a big story.  There will likely be other Tube Riders stuff at some point.  I'm currently working on a spin-off novel, titled either Tube Riders : The Hunters or Tube Riders : Contraband, depending on what day of the week it is.  This features an almost entirely different set of characters, some of whom will feature in part three.  The plot is a lot darker (oh, how I love dark plots!) but it will probably be essential reading before you read part 3.  And one last thing - it's epic.

So, back to what I was talking about - Tube Riders is FREE from Dec 20th to Dec 22nd.  Tell your friends, tell people you don't like.

Get a free copy of Part 2

And one last thing.  I love reviews, but while they're not so important to me (I know the book is awesome already!) they're very important for visibility, attracting new readers and generally becoming successful.  Therefore, I have a little preposition for you.

Anyone who writes an honest review of Tube Riders on Amazon can have either a free ecopy of Tube Riders : Exile when it's released, or a free ecopy of either The Man Who Built the World or Ms Ito's Bird & Other Stories.  Take your pick.

Let me just emphasize the word HONEST.  I'm an honest writer and I like honest readers.  As long as your review is genuine then I'll quite happily send you a copy, even if you don't like the book (however, if you don't like it you probably won't want a free copy of part 2) and you only give me a star or two.  If you just write "this books sucks, now give me a free copy of part 2", I'll likely tell you where you can stick your free copy.  However, write a genuine opinion and you get a free book.  Tell me why it sucks.  That's it.

So, one more time:

Write a review of Tube Riders on Amazon and get a free ecopy of Part 2 or a free ecopy of one of my other longer works.  To prove you've done it, send an email to thetuberiders at gmail dot com.  That's it.  I'd love to offer paperbacks but I'm poor, so this is only for ebooks, sorry.

And here's that badass cover and the link -

And don't forget to sign up for the New Releases mailing list so that you'll know when the next book comes out.

Okay, over and out.

17th Dec 2012

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