Monday 1 July 2013

Exile is officially delayed ...

Okay, I know I said July, but you're going to have to hang on a little bit longer for Tube Riders: Exile. As always, I jumped the gun a bit when I said July and overestimated just how long it would take me to finish off the editing. Rest assured that I'm working on the book every day, and when it's ready it'll be a stormer.

Basically, the book is finished, but I'm currently working through it for the third time. What I'm doing this time is tightening the text, making the characterisation stronger, working out a few issues of character motivation and improving both the tension and pacing. I don't want this to just be a good book, I want this to be an excellent book, one that will have you dying to read part three (which I've also started writing - yeah, I tend to multitask, I'm not good at focusing on any one thing all the time ...).

So, you have my apologies, but I won't be going into any George RR Martin territory. This will be a month or two, we're not talking years. Back when I finished the first draft I was planning on August, but I hoped to get it out a bit earlier. August is far more likely but I'll say September just to be safe ... I hope!

Thanks always for your support,

Chris Ward
July 1st 2013


  1. Guess we'll just have to wait a bit longer....
    Is there any tea available?

    1. Hey Doug, sorry, be as quick as I can! Those guys over at the Retreat got me caught up in a 70k challenge for July, so I've been slacking a bit! Good news is that you probably won't have to wait so long for part three ...

  2. No worries.
    I'll just have to contend with stopping myself from tube riding on the Metro trains in DC while I wait. :-)

    Speaking of the R, tried to 'contact' a few but it appears I've been relegated to the ignore list. Oh well, I guess.

    Cheers mate.

    1. Through Facebook? Could be the dreaded "Others" inbox. I found a request to join my cricket team that was two years old a while back. Always forget to look in there...

      Your name comes up from time to time. You'd be welcomed back with open arms.

      BTW, drop me your address to my email headofwords at gmail dot com.