Friday 25 April 2014

News and updates

It's been a while since my last post so I thought I'd give a few updates on what has been going on in the writing world of me. The short answer is lots, as usual.

First up, I'm still progressing slowly on Rise of the Governor part 1, although I've stepped off the accellerator and I'm letting it come as and when it's ready. The current draft is only up to about 23,000 words, but in total I've written over 70k for it so far, and a lot of the currently discarded work will end up back in. Kind of like the first Tube Riders book, I'm setting up a world over again, so I have to let this one take its time. Fingers crossed I'll at least have a draft done by early summer.

The other book I'm working on as my kind of escape has now passed 31,000 words, and while a completely different genre is turning into a bit of a coming of age mystery story. I'm really enjoying writing it and when I'm feeling inspiration I like to just let it flow. So far so good.

In other book news, I've finished the first edit pass of an older novel called My Perfect Life, and after a few more tweaks I hope to have it with the editor within a month or so. Following closely on its heels is the horror/thriller I wrote in January, currently titled They Came Out After Dark, although I don't actually like that title much so I'll probably change it.

Moving on to the business stuff, I've updated the covers on four of my collections/short stories, and published a new one. While I commission my novel covers from the wonderful Su at, my shorts and collections have always been kind of homemade, and I've wanted to update them for ages but not spend too much money, so I bought a job lot of premades from a site called, and these are the first five. I have another five already paid for, but I haven't decided which ones I want yet.

And then there's the audiobooks...

I've begun the very first tenative attempt to get my novels made into audiobooks. I don't know how long this will take, but I'm hoping to start auditioning narrators soon.

Anyway, that's all for now. Remember to sign up for the mailing list. It's awesome, and I give you free stuff.

And while you're here, take a look at those new covers below. Aren't they nice?

Chris Ward
April 25th 2014

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