Tuesday 14 May 2013

Tube Riders new covers

As Exile gets closer and closer to being released, here's a little something to get excited about. These are the new covers for The Tube Riders. There are again the work of Su Halfwerk at Novel Prevue, who as always did a fantastic job.

We went for a more subtle fear approach this time, with a Huntsman looming over an approaching train. Tube Riders is far more dystopian than straight sci-fi, and this cover gives it more of a sinister feel.

On the paperback you have a picture on the back of a city engulfed in blue fire. The fire not only symbolizes the chaos and anarchy that is overtaking London but can also be related to the electricity that powers the London Underground trains that are such a big part of the novel.

This is the third main cover for Tube Riders, and while I liked the first two I think this is the best of the lot. And wait until you see the cover for Exile .... you'll get your first look at one of the major characters in the series. It's an absolute stunner, believe me.

Chris Ward
15th May 2013

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