Monday 27 January 2014

Update on the current WIP

My current WIP has now passed 52,000 words, which is longer than a lot of finished novels, so I feel that I can safely say that I'll finish this one. With that in mind, I thought I'd give you a few words about it.

It's a throwback technological horror, set in a study camp in Japan, based on the one I went to with some students back in December. In true writer style, I decided to complete reimagine it and use it for the backdrop for a whole bunch of nasty goings on.

A group of disillusioned students show up at the camp in early December. The place is almost deserted other than for a metal band who took a wrong turn and were forced to stop overnight. However, when evening comes, so does a freak blizzard, cutting the guests off from the rest of the world. Then, some of the students start to get sick. As most of the guests leave to find help, a small group are left behind, only to discover that a strange bird-like creature is terrorising them. Things are about to get a lot worse, though, as the bird-like creature is just the start. There are bigger, more dangerous things out there in the woods, and they're very hungry ...

My original working title was "Mutant Killer Bears", but I felt that gave the plot away a bit too much, haha. Now it's "They Came Out After Dark" but its still subject to change ...

I started out writing horror novels about fifteen years ago, and this one is back to my roots a little. It's getting a little more emotionally deep than I intended, but I wanted it to be fun and exciting more than anything. I'm hoping to finish it by mid-February, after which I'll leave it on the shelf for a couple of months while I work on some more Tube Riders-related stuff.

Okay, back to it.


Chris Ward
January 28th 2013.

P.S. ooh, tomorrow is my birthday ...

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