Saturday 1 February 2014

The Tube Riders is now perma-free

With Exile and Revenge now published and available, I have had the first book in the series, The Tube Riders, price matched to zero on Amazon. That's right, it's completely FREE.

Last night Amazon USA price matched The Tube Riders to free and with no promotion so far it has risen to #638 in the free store, #1 in Genetic Engineering and #9 in Dystopian. I want that #1 spot in Dystopian so give me a hand by downloading the book and sharing the news on your blogs and Facebook pages.

Thanks very much! Enjoy reading my baby. It was a joy to write, and I hope it will be a joy for you to read.


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  1. I have posted the information and a review for The Cold Pools and Fallen From The Train on my blog! Good luck on getting #1!

    1. Brilliant, thanks so much. I loved your reviews. You're totally right. Cold Pools is something that I might one day expand upon into a full novel. Fallen was pretty much just a vignette while I was trying to decide what might happen in Tube Riders. It's more or less told over in the first three or four chapters of the middle section of the novel, when Carl is introduced as a main character. Thanks again!

  2. Chris, the tube riders series. Needs to be made into a movie! I just finished reading book one and bought books 2 and 3. I don't actually buy many books nowadays since I can read on my phone from the library. Yours are the first I've bought since Harry Potter.
    Keep writing......

    1. Hi Alice, thanks for reading! I'm glad you enjoyed Tube Riders, and hope you enjoy Exile and Revenge!

  3. I have just finished reading Exile after reading the trilogy non stop for the past week, and although I'm crying, it was beautiful!
    They were an amazing set of books to read with each character having their own back story, making it so in depth so I couldn't put the book down :)
    I hope more people hear about your books chris, you have a wild imagination!
    Thank you, I'll be spreading my love for these books

    'Live together..die together'

    1. Hi Rachel, thanks for saying that! I'm glad you enjoyed the books. Exile went into a pretty dark place for sure. I purposely tried to make Revenge a little more uplifting as a result.

      Thanks for letting people know about the books! That's the best way for me to keep food in the cat's bowl, haha. I'll be leaving book 1 permanently free for as long as Amazon will let me so they can try the story out for nothing.

      Thanks again,