Sunday 14 September 2014

Introducing .... Chris Ward's World of Words Volume 1

It's compilation time!

The recent publication of Finding My World was my seventh full length novel to be published.

Just to be nice, and because my standalones are terribly under appreciated, I've put five of those books together into one compilation for you.

Introducing ....

And how much is this delightful boxed set that contains 1300 pages of awesome writing?

Get it while you can, because I might come to my senses soon... 

Chris Ward
September 15th 2014


  1. I just finished the Tube Riders trilogy which I thought was really fantastic. So I was poking around and was surprised to find that you only recently released a print novel. Your work is much longer than many e-books, and edited very well. I will be sure to purchase your stand alone novels in the box set, and patiently await the Tube Rider prequel, but would rather have it take longer and be perfect than forced.
    I was pleasantly excited to see that some of your favorite music is by Monster Magnet and Mark Lanegan, who's music is part of the soundtrack to my life. So speaking of soundtracks, I can't wait to see the Tube Riders movies! wouldn't Primal Sceam's Swastika Eyes be amazing as the camera panned over Dreggo's hardened orbits? Just a thought... Thanks for your lifework, I truly appreciate it.
    An old punker in Olympia,Washington

    1. Thanks for your comments! Fingers crossed I can get more Tube Riders stuff out in 2015. Things are a little hectic at the moment but I'll do my best. Thanks for reading!