My Books

Novels (published)

The Tube Riders (The Tube Riders Trilogy #1) (written 2009, published 2012)
The Tube Riders: Exile (The Tube Riders Trilogy #2) (2013)
The Tube Riders: Revenge (The Tube Riders Trilogy #3) (written 2013, published 2014)
The Man Who Built the World (written 2003, published 2012)
Head of the Words (written 2005, published 2013)
Finding My World (2014)
They Came Out After Dark: Tales of Crow #1 (2014)
The Castle of All Nightmares: Tales of Crow #2 (2015)
The Puppeteer King: Tales of Crow #3 (2015)
The Circus of Machinations: Tales of Crow #4 (2016)

Novels (unpublished)

The Music (1997)
Possession (1998)
Hooks (2001)
My Perfect Life (2006)
The Rain Sitters (2010)
Saving the Day (The Curators #1) (2015) (working title)
The Tube Riders: In the Shadow of London (2015)
Tokyo Sonata (2016)
Endinfinium / The School at the End of the World (2016)

Novels (unfinished)

Blood Games
The Tunnel
The Five Strangers
Past It
The Singer of Lost Songs
Our Day of Rain (In the City of Sunshine)

(in progress)
Tube Riders: Rise of the Governor (prequel)
Tube Riders: In the Shadow of London (side novel)
Dark Days (horror)
Take Me Back With You (contemporary romance)
The Last Shining Summer (cricket novel)
The Curators #2 (dystopian)

Short Story Collections (published)

Ms Ito's Bird & Other Stories (2012)
Five Tales of Horror (2013)
Five Tales of Loss (2013)
Five Tales of Dystopia (2013)
Five Tales of Fantasy (2013)

Short Stories published individually

Forever My Baby
The Ageless
Going Underground
Ms Ito's Bird
Saving the Day
The Tree
The Cold Pools
Fallen from the Train
Death Depends
Castles Made of Sand
Benny's Harem
Once We Were Children
The Ship

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