Saturday 13 April 2013

Miffy's Birthday!

Okay, nothing at all about writing on today's blog. This post will be a shameless celebration of my cat, Miffy, who was born four years ago this April.

We're not actually sure of her exact birthday because she was born to a stray cat and abandoned. She was found behind a temple by some monks who offered her to my girlfriend (now wife) who was working there at the time.

We took her home, not expecting her to live because she could barely walk and weighed just 200g, but she did, and now she pretty much controls our lives.

Here's the first video I took of Miffy, two days after we brought her home.

She was already very cute. Within a couple of weeks she was a real handful, as you can see below.

Within a year she was fully grown, as you can see in the next video. I'm sure you'll agree that she's very cute.

Of course, being a responsible cat owner, my favorite past time is taking pictures of my cat. Here's a few of my favorites.

Like most cats, Miffy spends the majority of her time asleep, except when I'm trying to sleep between 3am and 6am. And she had such an influence on our lives that we actually ended up getting married in the same temple behind which she was found, so here's a little wedding photo for you (it'll probably be up for a limited time only, because if the wife knows I've posted it she'll probably make me take it down! ;-) ). I'm the one the skirt and the wife is the one in the dress. That's not the temple btw.

So ...


Now stop wasting time reading about my cat and go buy my books ...! ;-)

Chris Ward
April 13th 2013