Thursday 23 May 2013

Man Who Built the World is a bestseller

Thanks to the Tuesday's promotion on Kindle News and Tips, The Man Who Built the World became my first book to reach #1 in a paid category. It achieved #1 in Dark Fantasy books and held the position for about a day.

It's total peaks were -

#1Dark Fantasy books

#4 Dark Fantasy ebooks

#50 Horror books

#2691 overall

The Tube Riders holds the record for my highest overall peak, at #1075, which it achieved back in April during it's own promo, but it didn't reach the top spot in any single category. It's on promotion again in June and hopefully with the imminent release of Exile it'll get another chance.

While I'm keeping quiet about my sales figures for this one, I'm actually not far short of a decent sales milestone across all my books. I'll let you know ...

Okay, back to editing ...

Chris Ward
May 24th 2013

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