Friday 9 August 2013

Head of Words paperback now available

It's taken a while for me to get everything finalised but I'm pleased to announce that the paperback version of Head of Words is now available.

The formatting was done by Suzie O'Connell at Indie Proud, and the cover by Su Halfwerk at Novel Prevue.

The book can be purchased in the US here and in the UK here. I am immensely proud of this book. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Chris Ward
August 9th 2013

Head of Words 

 Bliss … or is it?

Life is peachy for twenty-something Daniel Barker, who lives with his offbeat group of friends in a small flat in Bristol. From the eccentric Franz to the dominatrix Polly and the psychotic Shane, they all bring colour and excitement to his life. Together they are family, inseparable.

But as space reaches a premium and tensions begin to rise, Dan's whole world threatens to implode around him.

The real nightmare is about to begin …

Veering from brutal to comic via tragedy, disaster and love, Head of Words is the story of one man’s path to understanding upon a rollercoaster of life that threatens to both destroy him and set him free.

What the reviewers say:

The writing is funny, touching, moving and absolutely compelling. Head of Words is one of those books you cannot put down.  - Scott Bury

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