Sunday 8 June 2014

Busy days ...

As usual, it's been a while since my last post, so here's a short update on what I've been doing.

My forthcoming horror/sci-fi thriller, They Came out After Dark, is currently with the editor. The cover is also under commission. Fingers crossed it'll be out in July. I've started work on a sequel that promises so far to be better than the first book. It's currently rattling along, and hopefully it'll be done within a few weeks.

I also recently finished writing a kind of romance/mystery set in Japan, which should be out over the next couple of months. I've decided against using a pen name, but people will be able to guess the genre from the cover. It's my first attempt at such a story, so it's kind of an experiment, but I'm pretty proud of it none-the-less. The cover is almost done, and it'll be being revised shortly.

I have two audiobooks in production, the first Tube Riders book and also my collection of cricket-themed short stories under the pen name of Michael White. Working with narrators has been a great thrill so far, and I'm very excited about opening up a new product line. Both should be available over the next couple of months.

The Tube Riders: The Rise of the Governor #1 - Genesis (as I'm calling it now) is dragging its heels but still ticking over. I'm finding that some books are a lot harder to write than others, but it'll get done. Eventually. It might be be as quick as I'd like, but there will be no George RR Martin-esque time frames.

That's all for now. Stay tuned! Remember to sign up to the newsletter for more frequent updates, and loads of free stuff and offers. I'm still sending them out regularly but I'm cutting back the blogging time a lot simply to give myself more time to get the books done. I barely sleep as it is, haha.

Until next time ...

Chris Ward
June 9th 2014

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