Wednesday 6 November 2013

The bloopers reel

Yes, I'm a borderline genius and yes, The Tube Riders is a book that far too few people have been lucky enough to read, but my first drafts can still be pretty ropey. I just finished the second draft of Revenge (Exile is on the editor's desk, if you're wondering) and here's a few shockers that I picked out. See if you can figure out what the hell these sentences were supposed to be ...

... basically, his character was floored.

The room was furnished with old but adequate tables and conches.

The road was bumpy from tree routes.

... rolling over out of site.

In one bottom corner of the slap ...

Her voice had blasted out of that speaker, so full of home.

... the family of his surroundings ...

... doing a sweep across the sitting.

Behind him came a rustle of moment.

... for one many to find three people.

His face was read and flustered.

… as he shook off his own cuffs, not even looked …

Yeah, I'm pretty embarrassed, haha. But the book absolutely ROCKS, and it will be following closely on the heels of Exile once that one is out. No more 18 month waits, I promise. I learned from all the issues I had while writing Exile and so the first draft of Revenge was significantly tighter from the start. I have to add a couple of bits in there, but nothing much.

Dates coming soon.

Chris Ward
7th November 2013

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